DNCVP's Community Yoga Center
A Community Project of
Dhanaji Nana Chaudhari Vidya Prabhodhini's
College of Social Work , Jalgaon

DNCVP's Community Yoga Center is more than just Yoga. We thrive on community interaction and are always looking for volunteers who can lend a hand to students and the community. And also work as a focal institute for planning, training, promotion and coordination of yoga education, and research in all its aspects.

Yogic practices represent a unique feature of Indian tradition and culture. Evolved thousands of years back by the Rishis. Yoga techniques are being widely covered for meeting the changing health care needs of mankind. Yoga has attracted global attention in recent years. The awareness about yogic practice is increasing among people not only for prevention and promotion of health, but also for the management of various diseases. Many yoga experts and medical professionals have been advocating yogic lifestyle intervention for the prevention and management of stress induced and other psychosomatic disorders.


DNCVP's Community Yoga aims to serve the area with yoga classes, wellness services and community outreach, while inspiring people to give back and bring their ‘yoga’ out into the world. In adherence with yogic wisdom, our center’s mission is guided by the core values of selfless service; supportive and compassionate community; and open, honest and accountable operations.


Our vision is to provide a safe supportive space where individuals and families come together to create a compassionate and sustainable community, surrounded in an atmosphere where they are inspired to grow physically, spiritually and emotionally.

We believe that when individuals change, their families and communities also change. We want to inspire this change by reminding individuals of the love, compassion and energy that dwell within them, guiding them to health, happiness and well-being.


  1. To increase mass awareness about the health benefits of yoga
  2. To impart training facility on standard yoga practice for physical, mental and spiritual well being of the people.
  3. To create network of yoga community for propagation and promotion of yoga.

Coordination committee of the Project:

Dr. Vijay J. Shingnapure  (Principal)


Mrs. Gayatri Attarde

Coordinator of the project and Instructor.

Dr. Kalpana Bharambe



From the acadMrs. Gayatri Attarde

Coordinator of the project and Instructor.

Dr. Kalpana Bharambeield project.