Research Project:

1.0 Title of Research Project:
An Investigation in to tribal traditional medicinal system among Vaidhu Community of Khandesh region

1.1 Sanctioned Research Project Duration:

15.11.2013 to 15.11.2015

1.2 Sponsoring Agency:

Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi

1.3 Project Director:

Dr. Prashant Sadashiv Bhosale,
Assistant Professor,
College of Social Work Jalgaon

1.4 Affiliating Agency:
Dhanaji Nana Chaudhari Vidya Prabodhini's College of Social Work, Jalgaon

1.5 Total Grant Sanctioned:

Rs. 4, 96,000

1.6 Objectives of Project:

  1. To study the Socio-economic aspects of Vaidhu community in Khandesh region
  2. To understand the lifestyle and community of Vaidhu in ecological and environmental perspectives
  3. To understand the ethno medicinal practices of the Vaidhu in Khandesh region
    • To understand the concept of illness through the lens of Vaidhu
    • To study the body physiology and body symbolism in ill health patients